In a world where packaging solutions are as diverse as the products they encase, one humble hero stands tall: the cardboard tube. Often overlooked but remarkably versatile, these cylindrical wonders play a vital role in packaging a range of goods, from delicate artworks to essential oils and everything in between. Join us as we unravel the many faces of cardboard tubes and discover how Curran Packaging can provide tailored solutions to meet your packaging needs.

Endless Possibilities

So, what exactly are cardboard tubes used for? The answer might surprise you. From posters and artworks to cosmetics and gourmet treats, cardboard tubes are the go-to choice for packaging a diverse range of products. Their cylindrical shape provides inherent strength, making them ideal for safeguarding delicate items during transit. But their benefits don’t end there!

Versatility Beyond Packaging

Beyond traditional packaging applications, cardboard tubes find themselves used in a myriad of ways. Curran Packaging takes pride in supplying high-performance large diameter tubes to a variety of industries. One of these is the UK steel industry, where our large cardboard tubes prove their versatility by efficiently handling and protecting substantial volumes of wound steel. While our convolute tubes are predominately used for handling precious metals. These are recognised for their environmental friendliness compared to plastic alternatives. Firework tubes ensure the safe and spectacular display of pyrotechnics, while display, TV, and film tubes play a crucial role in set design and production.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

In an age where sustainability is paramount, cardboard tubes are beacons of eco-friendliness. Made from 100% recycled materials and fully recyclable themselves, these tubes are the epitome of sustainable packaging solutions. By choosing cardboard tubes, you’re not just protecting your products; you’re also doing your part to protect the planet.

Curran Packaging: Your Trusted Partner

At Curran Packaging, we understand the importance of finding the perfect packaging solution for your unique needs. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of cardboard tubes tailored to meet the demands of any industry. Our spiral-wound cardboard tubes range from 12 inches in diameter up to an unprecedented 48 inches. Whether you’re a small business looking to package artisanal goods or a multinational corporation in need of bulk packaging solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Customisation at Your Fingertips

One size does not fit all when it comes to packaging. That’s why we offer customizable options to ensure your packaging reflects your brand identity. With our advanced printing capabilities, you can showcase your logo, graphics, or product information with ease. From vibrant designs to subtle elegance, the possibilities are endless.

Elevate Your Packaging Today

Ready to experience the versatility of cardboard tubes for yourself? Contact Curran Packaging today to learn more about our range of packaging solutions. Whether you need standard sizes or custom configurations, we’re here to help you find the perfect packaging solution for your needs. Let’s elevate your packaging together!