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Curran Packaging is the largest independent Tube Winding Company in the UK with over 540 years of combined workforce experience consisting of over 50 employees. We have 6 employees who have been here over 25 years and one who has been with us for 40 years.


Curran Packaging is able to manufacture a complete range of tubes from 19 mm right up to an unprecedented 48 inches or 1220 mm diameter.

Manufacturing all types of cardboard tubes

Carpet and Textile Tubes

Using the latest in Tube Winding technology we are able to achieve high speed and top quality carpet and textile tubes at the best prices. We are the largest suppliers to the carpet industry in the South of the UK.

Display and Exhibition Tubes

Our display tubes are a great product for all sorts of applications. In the past our tubes have been made to create soft play products, a log cabin made entirely of tubes and even used for internal walls and armchairs. People have turned them into postboxes, steam trains and telescopes. They can be covered, painted, nailed/screwed into, have sections cut out and still stay completely rigid.

Firework and Pyrotechnic Tubes

Curran’s were thrilled to be a part of the Millennium New Year celebrations in London. We supplied thousands of mortar tubes which lined the banks of the Thames and have gone on to work with some great pyrotechnic companies in the UK. Not only are we able to supply heavy wall high strength tubes, we also stock a range of wooden bungs which we can pre-fit or send them loose depending on your requirements.

Gift Wrap Centres

It’s never too early to think about Christmas! For over 30 years we have been making millions of gift wrap centres for the paper industry. This tends to start around spring time and culminates in huge volumes towards the end of summer. The benefit of our modern machinery means we can provide high speed, light wall cores at the most competitive prices.

Mill and Converting Centres

We can manufacture tubes using many different grades of board. From a standard chip to the high strength and kraft papers. Our high strength thick walled tubes are perfect for the mill and paper converting industry. With the high crush strength, our customers are able to reel tonnes of board onto each tube.

Large Diameter Industrial Tubes

Curran’s are proud to supply our large diameter high performance tubes into many different industries. One of those being the British Steel industry. Our large cardboard tubes are able to take large volumes of wound steel and we can even make large diameter collapsible tubes to be used as formers/protectors.

Piling Tubes and Column Formers

Not only do we hold a range of column formers in stock, but we are also able to supply a large range with a quick turn around. Our Piling Tubes are polycoated inner and outer giving them a splashproof protection whilst on site. We are also able to wax dip the tubes so they are waterproof. Being able to manufacture up to 1220mm diameter, we supply large volumes of column formers to the construction industry. These are used for bridges over Motorways, multi-storey car parks, shopping centres etc.

Postal Tube

Curran Packaging has the largest range of quality Postal Tubes in the UK. We supply individuals to local companies and industries to large international companies. Being made from 100% recycled board and being 100% recyclable they are also kind to our environment. We are able to supply in a range of colours and can even print them with your logo/design. Due to the amount of machines we have, Curran’s are able to offer quick turnaround on any size order. We have no minimum order quantity either so happy to accept enquiries of any size!

Tape and Film Centres

Having continued to invest in the latest re cutting machinery, we are able to offer, high quality precision cut tape and film centres. We can supply these plain or with your own company’s artwork on the inner.

Tubes for TV and Film Sets

Our tubes are the perfect product for set designers and prop makers. With the outstanding talent and vision of the industry, our tubes have been used to create some of the best known sets and props in film and TV. From Galaxies Far Far Away to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. From Kings Landing to the auditorium of the Gladiators. High up on Darth Vader’s Death Star to the underworld of the Peaky Blinders.

They have appeared on Big Brother, Britain’s Got Talent and many more.

Cardboard Tubes are so versatile they can be used for a huge range of applications

Possible tube dimensions

Curran Packaging’s Machinery is modern and efficient with 10 winders and 6 cutters

Inner and Outer Ply Types 

  • Silicon Release Paper
  • Polycoated Paper (an ordinary white paper laminated with a thin layer of plastic to provide a waterproof barrier)
  • Coloured Papers (e.g. red, green, yellow, black, white etc.)
  • Pre-Printed Paper using your own company logo or other 3 colour graphic
  • Flexo Printed Paper using a stereo and 1 colour

Secondary Operations

  • Wax dipping for protection against moisture
  • Notching for specialist machine applications
  • Stapling of end plugs into the tube
  • Sawing of the tube lengthways partially to provide slots or totally to provide two or even more sections

Delivery Options

  • Tubes are generally despatched within 7 days, we have no minimum order quantity and will deliver anywhere in the world.
  • We operate three vehicles of our own that make deliveries in the South East, all other deliveries to the UK are made by couriers or external haulage companies.
  • Alternatively you can collect direct from our warehouse in East Tilbury

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