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    Versatile Solutions for Diverse Industries

    Curran Packaging takes pride in supplying high-performance large diameter tubes to a variety of industries, catering to unique needs and demands. One of these is the UK steel industry, where our large cardboard tubes prove their versatility by efficiently handling and protecting substantial volumes of wound steel. Recognised for their environmental friendliness compared to plastic alternatives, our convolute tubes ranging from 345-609mm in diameter, are predominantly used in handling precious metals. In addition, our spiral-wound cardboard tubes range from 12 inches in diameter up to 48 inches. Notably, Curran Packaging stands out as the exclusive provider capable of manufacturing tubes of this size, showcasing our commitment to innovation and meeting specialised industry requirements.

    Key Features

    Unmatched Performance & Versatility

    Our large diameter tubes can be designed for heavy engineering, where strength and scale are crucial, making them indispensable in the steel industry and beyond. Versatile and reliable, our convolute and spiral wound tubes cater to a variety of industrial uses. Curran Packaging stands out as the sole provider capable of manufacturing tubes of this scale, meeting the unique demands of our clients with precision and expertise.

    Customisable Solutions

    Curran Packaging’s large diameter industrial tubes offer extensive customisation options to meet the diverse needs of various industries. From specialised coatings to tailored dimensions, our tubes can be uniquely configured to ensure optimal functionality in handling multiple materials and applications. We can also produce collapsible tubes ranging from 345mm to 609mm, facilitating storage by accommodating 200 collapsed tubes in the space typically occupied by a single uncollapsed tube.

    Environmental Responsibility

    We recognise the importance of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our large diameter tubes offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic options, aligning with our commitment to reducing environmental impact while delivering superior performance.

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