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    Unmatched Strength for Your Industry

    Curran Packaging specialises in crafting mill & converting cores that meet the rigorous demands of multiple industries. With our diverse range of grades, from standard chip to high-strength and kraft papers, we offer tailored solutions to streamline your operations and enhance efficiency. Our high-strength, thick-walled tubes are designed specifically for the converting industry, providing unparalleled crush strength to support the reeling of tons of material onto each core.

    Key Features

    Diverse Grade Selection

    We understand that different applications require different grades of board. That’s why we offer a variety of options to suit your specific needs. Whether you require standard chipboard cores or high-strength alternatives, we have the expertise and resources to deliver the perfect solution for your operations. All of our tubes and cores are 100% fully recyclable.

    Unmatched Strength & Durability

    Our high-strength, thick-walled cores are engineered to withstand the immense pressures and stresses inherent in the mill and converting processes. With exceptional crush strength, our cores provide reliable support for reeling heavy loads of material, ensuring smooth and efficient operations without compromising on quality.

    Tailored Solutions

    At Curran Packaging, we believe in providing customised solutions that address the unique requirements of our valued customers. Our dedicated team works closely with you to understand your needs and preferences, delivering cores that are precisely tailored to your specifications.

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    Swift turnarounds are what we do best. Need a delivery? We will deliver anywhere in the world. To serve you better Curran Packaging maintains an internal fleet of vehicles, complimented by an extensive network of haulage partners, to facilitate deliveries across the UK. Alternatively, you can collect from our warehouse in East Tilbury, Essex.

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    At Curran Packaging, we have no minimum order quantity – whether you need 1 tube or 1 million!

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