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    Curran Packaging takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of specialty tubes designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. From wax tubes to notched tubes, plugged and stapled options to printed designs, pull-out tubes to double-sided tape application, and siliconised tubes to collapsible convolute tubes, we provide innovative solutions that address your specific requirements with precision and reliability.

    Diverse Speciality Tubes to Meet Your Needs:

    Wax Tubes

    Ideal for applications requiring waterproofing or moisture resistance, our wax tubes provide an extra layer of protection for your contents, ensuring they arrive safely and securely.

    Notched Tubes

    Designed for industrial use, our notched tubes are perfect for being driven on a winding machine.

    Plugged and Stapled Tubes

    Offering added security and durability, our plugged and stapled tubes are designed to withstand the rigors of handling and transportation, keeping your contents safe and secure at all times.

    Pull-Out Tubes

    Designed for effortlessly dispensing materials, such as tissue, our pull-out tubes are designed for convenience.

    Double-Sided Tape Application

    Streamline your packaging process with our double-sided tape application tubes, which feature pre-applied tape for quick and secure sealing, saving you time and effort.

    Siliconised Tubes

    Our siliconised tubes offer a smooth, non-stick surface, making them ideal for applications requiring easy release and minimal friction, such as roll winding or packaging sensitive materials.

    Collapsible Convolute Tubes

    Versatile and space-saving, our collapsible convolute tubes are designed to expand and collapse as needed, offering flexibility and convenience in storage and transportation.

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